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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rafferty Funksmith -- Live Vinyl Set @ the Royal -- March 29th 2011

Rafferty Funksmith - Live Vinyl Set @ the Royal - March 29 2011 by Rafferty Funksmith

There's more info at the soundcloud page if you want. Basically it was a night I played with Joel West, and we swapped off every hour or so. So at the beginning of the mix you hear Joel's last track, and at the end you hear Joel get back on for 3 tracks.
Here's a tracklist for those of you who like to look at lists of tracks:

01 The Chilites --- Have You Seen Her
02 Dr Dre --- Nothin But A G Thang
03 Radiohead --- The National Anthem / Audio II --- Top Billin' (acapella)
04 Bill Withers --- Kissin' My Love
05 Edan --- The E's Have It
06 Taj Mahal --- Gonna Buy You A Chevrolet
07 Gang Starr --- Full Clip
08 A Tribe Called Quest --- Check The Rhime
09 The Meters --- Funky Miracle
10 The Chambers Brothers --- Funky
11 Trouble Funk --- E Flat Boogie
12 James Brown --- Soul Power
13 Parliament --- Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucka)
14 Sly & The Family Stone --- Thank You Fahlettinme Be Mice Elf Agin
15 Blondie --- Rapture
16 KC & The Sunshine Band --- I Get Lifted
17 Otis & Carla --- Tramp
18 The Chilites --- We Are Neighbors
19 Manu Dibango --- Weya
20 War --- Galaxy

Then Joel finishes it off with:

21 Meco --- Star Wars
22 Prince --- Kiss
23 The Isley Brothers --- Fight the Power

Oh man, you don't even know.

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