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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Word On The Street EP

umm, so I'm hosting files at divshare now. It's better. All the old links still work though, for the time being.

Anyways, here's some music from Rafferty Records or whatever, it's 13 tracks:

01) Pansy Groove
02) Chinwax
03) 12-Inch Mandatory Boot Screef 2010
04) I Am No Thief
05) A Word That Means Something Else
06) A Special Moment
07) The Lusty Skeleton
08) Feelin' Better
09) Everybody Likes Strawberries
10) Purple Groove
11) Tikki Tembo
12) Dog's Grandchild
13) What A Wonderful World

All the music is by me (Jesse Lee) except the last one, which is by Bob Thiele & George Weiss but arranged by me. Incidentally, Louis Armstrong recorded that song in 1968, and it didn't do very well in the States but topped the singles charts in the UK, making Mr Armstrong the oldest man to top the charts, at 66 years old. (His record in that regard stood until 2009.) 20 years later, in 1988, the single was re-released in the US and made it to #38. So now you know that.

I had a bit of help on this recording, from Kyran Kennedy (vox on #08), Brian Rosen (perc on #08, flute on #05, plus I used his drum kit), Ben Euerby (sax on #02), and Ty West (I used his guitar and rig for tracks 02, 03, 05, 08, and 12, plus I received a certain amount of funkiness from his via osmosis. The good kind of funkiness.)

Get this EP right here if you dare. Peace.

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