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Monday, December 28, 2009

Jesse's EP for the 2009 Holiday Season

I'm gonna have to get a new free file-hosting situation, because 4shared likes to occasionally delete files for no apparent reason. Also last year they declared one of our files to be a violation of copyright without telling us or asking us about it. (They were correct, but still. Rafferty Records isn't about making fat cash selling music, either our own or sampled; and we are well below the radar; and as Biz Markie once said, everyone else is doing it. Go pick on someone else.) If anyone knows of a hassle-freer way to go please let us know.

Anyways, here's a little something from Jesse over at Rafferty Records. It's 7 tracks, originals and covers, instrumentals and songs. Recorded entirely at Sound Peaks Audio House in Nelson BC, late at night. Maybe I'll scan the cover later and post it up here, it's kinda nice. Tracklist:

1 The Hammond Trick
2 Roll Again
3 Sunny Goodge Street (by Donovan)
4 One From the Farm
5 RTD (by Beck)
6 The Krux (by Arthur Lilliott & Jesse Lee)
7 Into Dust (by Mazzy Star, tasty saxophone by Ben Eurby)

Click HERE to get your copy, and thanks for checking it out.

Yo 4shared, it's all live instruments, so leave us alone.

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