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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Painting Excercising and Making Blended Drinks EP

Jesse and Rafferty bring you Painting Excercising and Making Blended Drinks EP. It's called an EP because that's what really short albums are called, even though it has 17 tracks. All but 2 of the tracks are under 2 minutes. This EP features live instrumentation and sampling. Recorded in Jesse's livingroom.

01 - 0:16 - Intro
02 - 1:10 - Splash Damage
03 - 0:39 - PEB 1
04 - 1:26 - Steppin Out With Mr BabyMan
05 - 1:54 - PEB 2
06 - 5:34 - Treat Your Mother Right (featuring Mr T)
07 - 0:32 - Transparent Backflipping Camels 1
08 - 1:02 - Reading Rainbow
09 - 0:23 - PEB 3
10 - 2:09 - Crying Across America
11 - 1:39 - Genuine Hero
12 - 0:29 - Some Junk
13 - 1:50 - Funky Bachelor
14 - 1:17 - Transparent Backflipping Camels 2
15 - 0:24 - PEB 4
16 - 1:45 - Capo 3
17 - 1:33 - Shaking

Download your own free copy here. It's called 240EasyTofuRecipies because my file hosting service keeps deleting it, so I'm trying a different and more boring name. Maybe it will stand this time. Thanks to Douglas Haddow for inspiration. Happy holidays.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

All Your Bass #25: Over And Out

This is the last show for a while. I'm gonna take a break. Maybe just until April or so, maybe longer. So you guys are gonna have to get your awesome music somewhere else for a while, sorry.

This show featured Biz Markie and Edan (like most of my shows, I've noticed), Saukrates, Madvillain, Anonymous Twist, Common Market, the Coup, plus more. Big ups to Vanilla Ice, who just squirted out another album in November, this time of hip hop covers. Do yourself a google search and find some 30 second samples somewhere, it's really eye-opening. I recommend 'Insane in the Membrane' (Cypress Hill) and 'Buffalo Soldier' (Bob Marley) especially.

Vanilla Ice

Hey, did you notice the resemblance between Vanilla Ice and Max Headroom? I wonder if that's just a coincidence.

Max Headroom

Sunday, December 7, 2008

All Your Bass #24

archived. A few tracks by Moka Only, who puts on a very entertaining, energetic live show. Also D-sisive, Edan, Kid N Play, Michie Mee, MC Shan... uh, Biz Markie....

Hang Loose